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started by: MOCache

Posted by MOCache on Nov. 11 2003,9:51 pm
Anyone know how the Geko line might fare as suitable units for geocachers?
Posted by Quinn on Nov. 12 2003,1:12 am
very compact and smal view screen. Uses a patch antenna so do not count on it being very receptive in the thick stuff.
Cost is low so if you live in wide open areas where tree cover and other obsticles are not a factor this might be for you. If you have the few extra dollars to spend i would go with the basic magellan meridian with larger view screen and Quad antenna system for the thicker areas of trails and coverage.

Posted by team_tar on Nov. 12 2003,3:27 pm
Heard of many people using it, and they seem happy. Small, no mapping
(which is FAR from being necessary), poor resolution (but I think enough for non mapping
units). AAA battery may be a minus, AA used in almost all others GPSr
have higher capacity at lower cost.
The plus is that they are VERY small and light... depends on your needs.

Surely they can work it out... Surely there's better and more expensive options... :rock:

About the sensitivity... Quinn, you seem be of the side "Quad makes difference over patch" do you?
I always had eTrex (yellow and Legend) and never felt to have a problem with the reception
of their patch (btw, have no idea if it's the same as in the Gecko). Many people say that
there's no PRACTICAL difference in the results... how do you see it?

Acaro of Team TAR

Posted by Quinn on Nov. 12 2003,4:23 pm
I am not a fan either way of garmin or Magellan. I simply rave about whatever it is that works great for me and go from there. For of my favorite units is the Garmin V. it sits on my dash everywhere I go and I depend on it a great deal for both on road and also geocaching. it has never once let me down. so this should prove that I do like some of the things Garmin has to offer.

On the other hand, when it comes to Geocaching on it's own or for that matter just about any other outdoor recreational purpose that could and would depend on knowing right where you are, I go with many of the Magellan units.

I have and had owned several such Garmin units like the Map76, the etrex yellow, the Etrex Vista, etc. i took these units and at the same time worked them against other units such as the Meridian gold and platinum with it's quad antenna, I also worked them along side the Sportrak family also made by magellan. each and every time the etrex units would lose sat connection wayyyy before the magellans would, and sometimes even before I got started down the trails.

Now mind you, I live in upstate, NY.  Tree's around here are very thick and there are areas where hills, mountains and valleys come into play as well. You might not have these factors where you live or perhaps nothing to compare with your gps thus I can understand how you make your conclussions. I myself was quite happy with the Vista as i knew no better until a Meridian landed in my hand to compare it to. the next week i placed it on Ebay

As long as you are doing good with what you have and are having fun should be the important thing. But I hope you all get the chance to at least kick the tires on some of those Meridians.  :;):

Posted by team_tar on Nov. 13 2003,8:24 am
Hi Quinn, thanks for the answer.

I always liked the Magellans, but they are difficult and expensive to find in Italy, where I come from.
Consider that my Legend is already at the upper limit of the money I would consider to spend for a GPS.

I had a sudden surge of desire of a Meridian some months ago, when a bunch of geniuses (on GC forum)
was "boycotting" them because Thales is french :angry: ...

As I said they are difficult to find in Italy, so I newer actually saw one. What I said came totally from other
discussions I saw elsewhere on the Net...
In fact the Magellans are considered to have a considerably stronger Kalman filtering on their
positional solution with respect to the Garmin, which may result in an APPARENT higher
accuracy/sensitivity. Again things I saw on the net. Clearly unless I can grab one and try it out, there's
no way for my to get a personal opinion. As you said, until you tried the other solution you were happy
with the Vista.

Well... if I will have a chance to try will let you know! Thanks again! :)

Acaro of Team TAR

Posted by team_tar on Nov. 13 2003,9:41 am
Duplicate, sorry net problem here...

Acaro of Team TAR

Posted by MOCache on Nov. 13 2003,5:57 pm
LOTS of trees here in SW Missouri where I live so I suppose tree cover should be a concern, but cost is/was a factor too so I'd considered the Geko line. Maybe I'll look elsewhere.


Posted by Quinn on Nov. 13 2003,7:40 pm
I have seen quite a few great deals on Ebay. Not to mention in the walmart stores which never post the sales on them they just do it at the counter.
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