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Topic: GARMIN RINO-110 12-Channel Hand-Held GPS Receiver
started by: MOCache

Posted by MOCache on Oct. 31 2003,9:17 pm
Anyone familiar with the GARMIN RINO-110 12-Channel Hand-Held GPS Receiver and how useful it would be as a geocaching tool?


Posted by Cachengrab on Dec. 17 2003,7:01 am
I myself have a RINO 120 which is the upgrade of the 110, find the 120 great for caching with its mapping capabilities. Not sure if I would care for the 110 or any other non-mapping unit. The accuracy is good with a whole variety of options and interactive pages. If the FRS and GMRS portion is not important to your then use your money to buy an upgraded version of a GPS. Radio works well for communicating back and forth but is hard on batt's. Radios are like all other radios subject to terrain and location. Radio was a must for us since they are our lifeline during the hunting season.
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