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Topic: No more Garmin at Advancedgps??
started by: Gimpy

Posted by Gimpy on Aug. 30 2002,2:18 am
Travelled around Cape Cod & the rest of Mass. for a little over a week, & the V was worth its' weight in gold. It worked flawlessly everywhere I went. Never once looked at a map or asked for directions to anyplace. City Select 4.01 had every street & point of interest, etc. that anyone could ask for. I really put it to the test, and was amazed at how perfectly it functioned. Also had the Streeet Pilot Colormap with Metroguide mounted alongside the V, & the larger screen & color map are great. But the Colormap doesn't autoroute. I'm in the market for the Street Pilot III, & figured on getting it from Kim, but it seems she doesn't have Garmins on the menu anymore. Anybody know what's up with that?? ???
Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 30 2002,4:54 am
At the top of their Main Page was a link for Garmin supplies that takes you to their Garmin pages. It appears however that all this does is bring you to a chart that cross-references to the nearest Magellan model. Also, in checking their Stock Status link you find a message that they no longer carry Garmin products. This was just as much a suprise to me as you.

We are currently reviewing some other vendors for best price and service and will have that info available soon.

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