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started by: DxChallenged

Posted by DxChallenged on Mar. 20 2002,12:54 am
All right.  I have this most excellant GPS.....(the LOTR cache was a great place to learn how to use it) but as of yet I have not unlocked and downloaded the maps software that comes with it........

I've read posts by Gimpy and others that say that Metroguide is far superior esp for rural areas.  So these are the questions that I have.

1. If I download a region from the Maps that come with it, can I easily remove it?

2. Can I download a region and Metroguide?

3. Can I also install metroguide on the III+ or is that GPS too small?

???  Help please.......

I've been too swamped with paperwork and getting ready for vacation on Saturday to even touch the unit.  Fearless took to work yesterday and is itching to enstall the maps.....Men!

Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 20 2002,1:50 am
Hi Deb.Great GPS, isn't it. Now, #1: Yes. Whenever you load a new set of maps to the unit, the existing set is cleared out of the V. #2: Yes. You can load an area, like right around a major city, with City Select (where city select has nice detail) & then in more rural areas, load Metroguide, where it has better detail. #3: Yes. You can load Metroguide into the III Plus, but map chunks take up more memory, because of the detail. For your part of town, a Metro map section that covers from about Holley,West to the Canadian border,and from the Thruway, North to the lake, takes up about 764 kb. of memory. With the III Plus having only 1.44 mb., that would be about it. Adding another map section would put you over the limit. the map would show you all the roads & restaurants & stuff. But I don't believe you can access a find function, like you can on the eMap& the V, to have the GPS pull up nearby reastaurants & stuff & give you distances to them. And remember, the III Plus will not do autorouting like the V. Hope this helps.

Posted by DxChallenged on Mar. 20 2002,11:08 am
Thanks this is great!  Just what we needed as we are off for a cache trip tied into a trip to my Mom's.

BTW the geoquilt is to be given out today!

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