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Topic: How To Enter Coordinates in Garmin V
started by: Jeff35080

Posted by Jeff35080 on Jan. 21 2003,12:48 pm
I am a Magellan user, but have to help a friend tonight learn how to set coordinates in his Garmin V i.e. he wants to find a microcache that has coordinates in it and needs to be able to enter those coordinates into his unit. Can someone please tell me what I need to show him... thanks for any and all help and suggestions!
Posted by Quinn on Jan. 21 2003,4:08 pm
The easy way is to hold in the "Go to" button until it marks your location...then just use the scroll feature while on that page and scroll up to the coordinate section and change the numbers to the coordinate you want to go to. You can then scroll up and change the name of that waypoint.
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