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Topic: Accurate but Shifted Position
started by: DaPhotoGuy

Posted by DaPhotoGuy on Oct. 29 2002,7:58 am
I have a VISTA with some US Roads and Recreation maps loaded.  When I drive around in my car and look at the tracks recorded in the log, the tracks match the shape of the roads perfectly EXCEPT that they are shifted about 200 feet to the west of where they should be.  Is there a way to calibrate the location the GPS shows you to be at versus where you KNOW you are on the map?
Posted by Quinn on Oct. 29 2002,9:54 am
hmmm... I have heard this mentioned before and can't seem to remember what the outcome was.

However I do not think there is a way to correct your GPSR as it would seem the error is not with the unit but more-so with the software maps. The GPSR is only giving you a coordinate reading that it knows where you to be.
Have you perhaps checked the Garmin website to see if an update is in hand for the software you have as well as maybe the latest version for the unit you own?
Posted by DaPhotoGuy on Oct. 29 2002,3:53 pm
I was thinking that the map itself might be a little off.  I'll keep looking for an answer.  Thanks.
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