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Posted by Iron Chef on July 17 2001,2:10 am
Was just wondering if anyone knows when the Garmin GPS-V is supposed to come out.  I've tried e-mail Garmin and the vendor that I'm on the pre-sell list for, but have had no luck at all :~( so I figured that I'd throw the question out onto the forums.
Posted by Quinn on July 17 2001,5:08 am
I am not sure...But Advanced is already taking orders for them, but it's mostly for a waiting list. I am guessing about another couple of weeks at best before they start popping up.
Posted by Bob Bowter on July 17 2001,8:42 am
I saw the following post on sci.geo.satellite-nav :

From: patrick warnshuis (
Subject: Garmin GPS V date
Newsgroups: sci.geo.satellite-nav
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Date: 2001-07-16 15:30:54 PST

I just received notice from < >
that Garmin has notified them that expected delivery date
for the Garmin GPS V is now October 2001!

I left my preorder standing as I still think it is worth waiting for.
NavTech's price is 蹍.


Posted by YardBoy on July 17 2001,12:51 pm
Nice website Bob.  It introduced me to 30db gain antenna, Big Brother < >
Posted by Iron Chef on July 17 2001,7:27 pm
Thanks for the response.  I pre-ordered one from Advanced and have been e-mailing them trying to get them to reply.  I was kinda thrown off because they already billed my card even though I guess the unit isn't supposed to ship for a while.  October.... grief... where is a Magic GPS Fairy when you need one? ;~)
Posted by Iron Chef on Aug. 19 2001,12:32 pm
Product Specs for the Garmin GPS V are now availiable at < GPS V >.  Look at the PDF as it has all the info that you could ever want.  Also they have screenshots up as well.
Posted by Gimpy on Sep. 19 2001,12:36 pm
Couldn't figure out why they were dicontinuing the III Plus, what I believe is one of the best GPS units out there. Now I know why. If they kept the III Plus, it would most seriously cut into the sales of the very high priced V. I'll have to scoop up another III Plus at the reduced prices just in case something ever happens to the one I've got. I've also got the Vista & the MAP76, both with lots of memory & waas, but I'll take the III Plus over them for caching purposes anyday. I guess if you depend on a GPS for driving purposes a lot, the V might be a great unit. But if caching is your main use of GPS, I see no need to spend that kind of money.
Posted by Quinn on Feb. 14 2002,6:52 am
Scout...did you ever get that "V" yet? and if so what do you think of it compared to other units you have used in the past? Also did you get the complete unlock codes or just the single zone that comes with the unit?
Kim is normally pretty good about getting back to people right away. Hope things went well with your purchase if you did get one. This topic is old but it must have slipped by me some how.
I just ordered an additional vehicle bracket for this unit so I could also use it in the truck as well as car.
I still have my external garmin antenna but don't feel the need to use it with this or the IIIPlus as the units are quite receptive alone. Just gotta watch out for those windshields with the antenna for the radio built into them.
Posted by CameraThyme on Mar. 10 2002,3:07 pm
:wave  Would buy Garmin V in a heartbeat (hint, hint... loved eTrex Vista available to someone if the price is right!)  The V is incredible with its functionality and I have seen one in action on the trail.  It can have you practically standing on the cache .... or finding your way to the closest Italian eatery ...
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 10 2002,4:20 pm
Thats what I like about it is that there are so many things you can use it for. It will drive you right to the cache area and then take you off road to finish the adventure. Extremely receptive with tons of features. A bit pricey and the fact you have to buy additional unlock codes for other maps makes this a GPRS that you really have to wonder if it's going to be worth buying....well it is!
Posted by Rocky on Mar. 11 2002,6:25 am
Love my V, but have not taken it out of the car yet, kinda like your best Sunday dress shoes, don't want to get it dirty, the good ole III Plus takes over once the V gets us there. I would have anyone who is considering a V to be aware that the Mapsource City Select that is included does not have good coverage outside urban areas.  In my opinion your money would be much better spent on Metroguide version 4.01 rather than unlocking additional areas of the City Select.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 11 2002,9:26 am
I'm in agreement with Rocky.I'm sure the V is great in the woods just like my III Plus, but I usually use it just for road travel.The autorouting is fantastic & it's great for finding landmarks,restaurants & stuff.I keep the MAP76 loaded with topos' for down & dirty in the woods & the III Plus along for backup. Then on the eMap with the 64mb. card, I keep pretty much the whole state of NY loaded with Metroguide in case I head off on a journey.I got the whole US & Canada unlock code for City Select, but 90% of the time, I use Metroguide. Just seems to have better coverage in outlying araes' while still having good coverage in the city areas.
Posted by Choberiba on Mar. 11 2002,1:44 pm
the good ole III Plus takes over once the V gets us there.

:) áBut not for much longer Steve, PayPal on it's way.

I went through massive GPS withdraws last week when I loaned out my Venture to someone I was introducing to the hobby.

My car, my cash, the shirt off my back are all up for borrowing. Never again will I be without a GPS.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 12 2002,5:01 am
Choberiba's getting a Plus.  Cool. A fantastic unit. The first unit I purchased. I had never seen a GPS or heard of geocaching. One day I'm reading the outdoors section of our local paper, & I open it up to a picture of this guy pulling a box out from under a downed tree. It was Quinn at his "Ghosts Domain" cache. And there's a close-up of a gps thing.The III Plus. I read the article & immediately go on line & order one. And the rest, as they say, is history. The Plus has been a sentimental favorite of mine ever since. I still have the article. Funny when I go back & read it. All the way thru the article, Quinn's referred to as "George Quinn Scott" :grinnin  Great write-up. March, 22, 2001. Man, how things have changed since then.
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 12 2002,1:01 pm
Hey, Chob. I'd be willing to bet there's a V in your future. :grinnin
Posted by DxChallenged on Mar. 13 2002,1:19 am I had this discussion with my husband last night.  "honey have you thought of getting a V?".  We seem quite attached to the III+ (isn't it funny how a person can get so interfaced with tech?).  The thought of replacing it...

But I must say that I felt "enabled" last weekend.  I've had an overwhelming fear of getting lost for as long as I can remember.  When then kids and I were just driving around they new exactly what to do when I was not sure of the way The "mom is lost" mode meant that everyone was quite, didn't move, prayed that Mom could find her way before darness fell and the radio was definately off.  Last Friday I drove all over "new lands" and made no wrong turns!!....Hey a GPS to me seems seems comparable to a brace or other such device....My handicap is "normalized"...........That being said, I think I've just found a reason to buy the V.....Then we'de have a His and Hers GPS   :love

Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 21 2002,10:00 am
Quoted from GarminGPSpublic.:

---It looks like the next version for the GPS V (v2.03) will be
available for download from Garmin's site around the end of March
(source: Garmin Europe support - having received a direct response
from the developers in the US)

This version will have a normal quota of bug-fixes, but of particular
interest to me is the increase in the limit on autorouted "points"
from 254 to 1000.

The significance of this is that now I will be able to download a
route calculated on the PC using the MS CS software which is able to
get me more than just 100mi in one stretch on smaller roads - without
having to stop and load a new route.

Background - the V truncates the route during download to the unit if
it exceeds 50 "turns" or 254 "points", both values being next to
impossible to determine from the data available within MS. Btw, these
have nothing to do with "route waypoints", which are treated as just
another data element. ----
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