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Topic: comparing tracklogs
started by: JJW

Posted by JJW on Dec. 30 2002,10:05 am
Garmin Vista, using latest firmware update
Software: NG TOPO!
I downloaded a tracklog from a hiking path that just wasn't as accurate as  I would get in the past. :-(
So I opened a bunch of older saved hikes, of the same path, and the tracklogs lay right on top of each other.
Just my most recent hike is poor in regards to accuracy.
I'm going to try and test the hike with old firmware versions loaded then back to the latest version and see what happens.
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas, or if firmware effects accuracy?
Posted by JJW on Jan. 06 2003,2:43 pm
I have hiked over that route a couple of times now with  2.50 firmware and now the tracklogs are matching. :-)

It must be that I was having a bad satellite day with that bad tracklog.

Oh well.
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