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Topic: eTrex and Topo 4.0
started by: Ruprex

Posted by Ruprex on Jan. 08 2003,4:47 pm
Hey folks,

I'm wondering if anyone has hooked up their eTrex to their laptop while running Delorme Topo 4.0 and tracked your position real-time.  I've got the scenerio working on my SporTrak and I'd like to know if anyone has the NMEA and com settings needed for the eTrex.  As reference to what I'm looking for, here's what needs to happen for the SporTrak to do real time tracking with Topo:

Delorme Topo 4.0 USA
On the GPS tab choose settings
Choose device
Device = Magellan (w/Wpt)
Port = (correct COM port for your PC)
Settings 4800,8,N,1

Note: Make sure you don't have any program using your COM port, such as: ActiveSync, HotSync or Palm Desktop.

Go to settings and choose NMEA
Select V2.1GSA
Go to Baud Rate and select 4800 Baud
Exit all menus
Turn GPSr off
Connect the GPS to the host machine running Topo.
Turn GPSr back on
Go to Satellite Status Nav screen on GPSr

Select The GPS tab of the Topo software
Select the Settings tab of Topo software
Click start GPS
You should see the connection status on the Topo software to Acquiring and, when you get sats on your GPS, you should be up and running.

Note: After you're done playing with Delorme, remember to shut NMEA off when you try to upload and download waypoints.

Thanks a bunch!
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