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started by: sillsmack

Posted by sillsmack on Jan. 17 2003,10:55 pm
OK All,
I have had my eTrex Legend for 18 days now in which time it has hardly been turned off.

Some things I have learned so far are :

Energizer AA's last about 16hrs
Lithium AA'a last about 27hrs
Rechargeable Akaline AA's last about 7hrs

The eTrex can't connect to any satellites when in my shirt pocket but works fine on the front seat of my truck. Usually.

It also connects fine when put under my truck visor facing the sheet metal of the truck roof. (?)

The eTrex has so many features and functions one could quite possibly go blind.

GARMIN sure thinks alot of its products judging by the high prices. Especially Mapguide CD's.

Question :
Is there any other sources of digital maps which might be loaded into the eTrex ?

All I need is Northern & Central California and on a reare occasion Oregon and Nevada.

Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 18 2003,1:25 am
Greetings, sillsmack. Welcome to Navicache. As of right now, the only maps that can be loaded into any Garmin unit, are their own Mapsource maps. Same thing goes for Magellan units & their mapping software. I've read of some adventurous folks trying to work around this & use some third party software, but the process they're trying is pretty drawn out & not something I personally plan on bothering with. If I'm heading after a cache in an area where I'd like to have a better idea of terrain than Mapsource has to offer, I'll transfer the waypoints to either my Maptech Terrain Navigator or DeLorme topo maps, & print out paper maps to carry along. Not too many other options though.
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