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Topic: GPS V FAQ site
started by: elsinga

Posted by elsinga on Mar. 22 2003,11:09 pm

My < GPS V FAQ page > is at version 0.1, but already has a lot of info on the V that is either not in the manual or at least a bit vague.

Have a look and suggest improvements in my forum or by e-mail.

Robert =8-)
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 23 2003,4:25 am
Hey, Robert. Welcome to Navicache. Good to hear from you. Your site is very nice. The info on the Garmin V is set up so even a novice can easily get used to some of the functions. Very well done. :wave
Posted by elsinga on Mar. 23 2003,5:52 am

And there now is more info, since I've added more. And the layout has changed a little bit too. :D

I hope everyone enjoys the FAQ. Additional info is welcome by e-mail: [EMAIL]gps5faq (at)[/EMAIL] (yes, replace (at) with @... )
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 23 2003,8:29 am
I agree...well done.

Nice to see someone provide others with a well laid-out instructional page for use.  :)
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