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started by: DANROMAN

Posted by DANROMAN on July 17 2002,8:26 pm
Hi. My V should be here Friday and I cant wait. I've got the delux version (with the unlocked CD) and purchased the TOPO CD map to go with it. I figured that would be most useful for hiking and caching. I've looked through the manual, and I cant seem to find a way to insert coordinates for where I want to go. I can set waypoints when I am at a specific location, or use the FIND function to select and address or intersection.. but how can I put in specific coordinates that I want to go to (like in geocaching). Sorry if this is something simple that a "new guy" just didnt catch.

Thanks in advance
Posted by Quinn on July 17 2002,8:36 pm
Danroman, first off welcome to Navicache as well as the forums. I hope you like what you see so far and I am certain you will find many friendly people here always willing to help as well as plain old chat with.

Now to your answer. i also have the Garmin V and the best way to enter a coordinate (easiest) is to just hold in the "Enter/Mark" button...once you do this it will mark your location where you are standing, but ALSO will have highlited fields that you can edit right then and there. So instead of saving it, edit the fields you want such as waypoint name, coordinates, and maybe a note and icon, then after you are done you can "Save" the changes.

I do this for caching. When I want to go to a cache I just do what I listed above. You can also use your software that came with your Garmin V and just go to "Edit" then "New waypoint" and enter in the coordinates in the field that pops up. Once done just upload them to your GPSR V.

If this is still a bit confusing let me know and I would be more than happy to try and clean it up some more for you.  :)
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