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Topic: MAP76 Update
started by: Gimpy

Posted by Gimpy on July 14 2002,8:29 am
Don't know if there's many of us left around here, but for other owners of the great Garmin MAP76, here's a link to the latest update. 2.09, out 7/12/02. < >

Also an udate out for the MAP76S

Posted by Gimpy on Feb. 01 2003,3:27 am
Not too many takers for 2.09. How about 3.01 Beta?

< 3.01 >

Changes made from version 2.09 to 3.01 Beta:

Increased the active track log to 10,000 points.
Increased each saved track log to 750 points.
Increased user waypoints to 1,000 waypoints.
Improved various translations.
Added EOV Hungarian and South African grid support.
Added functionality to start, stop, or resume navigation from the route detail page's option menu.

Some nice additions. Really been waiting for the Hungarian grid support. :grinnin
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