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started by: earlthepearl

Posted by earlthepearl on Aug. 27 2009,9:51 am
I am really wondering if anyone is using these forums?
I see no recent posts.....
:withstupid  :withstupid  :withstupid

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Aug. 27 2009,6:31 pm
I have been noticing the same thing.  I was going to wait until Saturday and see if a full 3 weeks when by with no activity, then make a similar post.

The short answer, while might not be "no", it could be summed up as "nobody here, but us chickens."  Or something like that.  

I feel like I'm part of an exclusive club.

Posted by sabrefan7 on Aug. 28 2009,6:26 am
Benn on vacation,, but I like to check in from time to time :cool:
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