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started by: Seronac

Posted by Seronac on Sep. 17 2007,2:47 am
My new Garmin eTrex Vista HCx is great, but it's off a bit: by about 100 ft. to the east.  In other words, it thinks I am about 100 feet east of my actual position, as compared to a number of other sources, like Google Earth, topo maps, etc. (North/South position is just about perfect.)  Any ideas on how I can fix this?  Many thanks.
Posted by Banana Joe on Sep. 19 2007,2:03 pm
Are you sure using the right grid (e.g. WGS84)?
Posted by Seronac on Sep. 19 2007,9:43 pm
Quote (Banana Joe @ Sep. 19 2007,9:03 am)
Are you sure using the right grid (e.g. WGS84)?

That's a good question.  I can't look at it right now, but I'm 99% sure that's what it is--I'll check.
OK, I checked my GPS and it is set for WGS84.  But what gets me is that I uploaded Garmin's topo maps, then I go outside, stand at the edge of the road, turn it on and in a few seconds the GPS shows it's location in the middle of the next block to the east.  WTH?

Posted by earlthepearl on Feb. 13 2009,6:55 pm
Read below

Posted by earlthepearl on April 03 2009,4:31 pm
I after having loaded garmin topo 2009 DVD into my computer, and loading the topo maps also find some roads off. I emailed garmin, and they said that the topo shows all the topo type things right. Brooks, streams,elevations, etc. and yes you will find some roads to be off. They also said that when using the Metro/road maps the road should be right on pretty much. Well if your using your GPS...mine is a Legend HCx, to use a chip with Topo maps loaded if that's what you need, and use the chip with the Metro maps if you need road data. This is now what I do.
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