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Topic: Vista C and Vista HCx
started by: JJW

Posted by JJW on July 19 2007,4:07 am
Vista C & Vista HCx some quick comparisons
Vista HCx much better reception
Vista HCx much faster screen re-draw
Vista HCx much tighter battery cover

Track log comparisons:
Both units’ track log setups are set to; Record method ”AUTO” Interval “MOST OFTEN”

Loaded them as active tracks into Mapsource and into NG TOPO!.
Hiking I made a couple of track logs and it seemed like the two units are making almost exactly the same track log. Though the Vista C seemed like it was slightly more accurate in filling out the corners of 90-degree turns. The Vista HCx on average recorded 50% more track points in its track log.

Bicycling I rode a mixed ride of roads, rail trail and thick tree covered single track trails.
Trip computers:
Vista C , Vista HCx
Distance= 14.48, 14.45
Total time= 1:26, 1:26
Moving= 1:22, 1:21
Avg. speed= 10.6, 10.7
Max. speed= 35.5, 36.0
Vert. Gain= 506’, 510’
Track points= 558, 797
Track logs were very, very close. The only time they weren’t on top of each other was in some narrow tree covered valleys.

When I could look at the two units accuracy estimates, they were Vista HCx from 7 feet on up Vista C 15 feet on up.
The Vista HCx was showing from nothing to 20 feet better accuracy than Vista C showed.

I love both Vista units, but the micro SD card feature in the x units makes it so I can pre load the topo maps on one card the City Navigator on another and Inland Lakes on another.


Posted by Seronac on Aug. 24 2007,11:20 pm
Not long a go, I got a Vista CX. Then, just the other day, I noticed an ad for the Vista HCx, for the same price.  The company I got the Cx from has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So I returned the Cx and got the HCx. The difference is amazing! Just a quick test of the unit reveals that the HCx unit gets a 3D fix almost instantaneously, whereas the Cx took about a minute and a half.  Highly recommended.
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