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Topic: next generation Garmin units
started by: JJW

Posted by JJW on Dec. 04 2005,7:59 am
It looks like Garmin has some upgraded units coming out.

Same GPSr housings but with a new processing/receiving chip and removable memory cards.

The new units will have an "x" in the model number, example "Etrex Vista Cx"

Looks like ~ $50 price increase each on these new units.


Posted by QuigleyJones on Dec. 06 2005,12:11 am
Thanks for the heads up. Do you have any links for more info?

Posted by GeoRockers on Dec. 07 2005,8:25 pm
Thank you very much for the update. :)
Posted by JJW on Dec. 20 2005,6:08 pm
bass pro has these units online in the web pages.

I don't think Garmin is letting any to be sold until big trade show January 5th.

here is a link:
< x - unit >


< x - unit >


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