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Topic: 60cs or 76cs???
started by: evetsno1

Posted by evetsno1 on Sep. 03 2005,9:37 pm
I've been looking at bolth the Garmin gpsmap 60cs and the gpsmap 76cs GPSr's and I cant make up my mind. I think that more people have the 60cs because there seem to be more reviews on it and the reviews that I've read are mostly exelent. The 76cs has fewer reviews but most of them are exelent also although not as good as the 60cs.
I have read a few on bolth that make me wonder about each unit. According to the reviews I read the 60cs seems prone to lock ups (when loaded with mapsource topo Canada) and the 76cs loses its signal easily. I have no way of knowing how experienced the purchasers of the units are. Has anyone experienced either of these problems with either of these units?
Right now I have a eTrex Vista and am upgrading. I would like to use the unit for Geocaching, hunting, fishing and also in the mobile. I use Mapsource topo USA with my vista now and am planing on getting topo Canada with my new gps.

Posted by Scout on Sep. 04 2005,8:04 pm
I have a 60c and have not experienced problems. I can't compare it with the 76cs. There is a lot to like about the 60c. And a few things I would design differently. Read the reviews and choose the unit with the features most important to you. Don't ignore the Magellan units.
Posted by evetsno1 on Sep. 05 2005,10:39 am
thanks for the info. I'm not ignoring the Magellan units I've just pretty much narrowed down my search for a new gps down to these. I kind of figgured that the reviews that had bad remarks I read were by unexperienced gps users or people that are not satisfied with Garmin but just thought I'd research it for my own reasons. Bolth of the gpsr's are expensive so A little research will go a long way.
The reason I've decided on the Garmins is because I already have some software for them that isn't  usable with the Magellan. Other wise I would go with the Magellan Meridian Color (I like the SD cards).


Posted by Scout on Sep. 05 2005,11:56 am
For reviews, I'd turn to < >

It is a great site for all things GPS. And you're unlikely to get misinformation from inexperienced GPS users. The guys who run this  site are top notch.

By the way, that SD Card in the Magellan units is a great feature. It's the number one feature that I would design differently on the Garmin 60c.

Posted by evetsno1 on Sep. 05 2005,5:31 pm
Thanks again Scout. Helpful site. :)  :)
Posted by evetsno1 on Sep. 18 2005,3:41 pm
Thanks again for your help. I bought the 76cs.
Posted by Scout on Sep. 18 2005,4:46 pm
Quote (evetsno1 @ Sep. 18 2005,4:41 pm)
Thanks again for your help. I bought the 76cs.

I'm not personally familiar with that model, but I'm confident it's a fine unit. You'll find good things and bad things about any model. But all of them have 90% of what you need. Enjoy.
Posted by Quinn on Nov. 06 2005,7:24 am
Sorry I did not reply sooner. I have used the 76 and found that even though it has a large view screen it just could not hold sat locks in the thick stuff.
I also was never a big fan of anything in the etrex family either for the same reason.
If I was to go with Garmin I would use the garmin V for it's great reception, long battery life and turn by turn street navigation. The size is perfect for tucking in your pocket for trails, and also great to drop on the mountain bike.

If using a Magellan you pretty much cant go wrong with anything in the Sportrak, meridian or explorist family. Great reception and nice features.

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