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started by: Bigfoot

Posted by Bigfoot on Jan. 13 2005,8:19 pm
How much of City Select will download into 60cs?

A state?

The entire US?


Posted by splicingdan on Feb. 27 2005,7:06 pm
It depends on the area. City maps have much more detail than rural.
Currently, I have a 75 mile radius of NYC (55 Megs). But on a recent trip to Florida, I was able to load about 90% of the entire state.

Posted by Bigfoot on Feb. 28 2005,6:55 am

I was beginning to think that I was the only one Geocaching with a 60cs who had, or hoped to install road maps.

I purchased the City Select maps over a month ago but haven't tried to install them yet. I guess I've lived past my time because electronic gadgets scare me. My grandson on the other hand jumps in with both feet and don't think a thing about it.

Posted by splicingdan on Feb. 28 2005,11:50 pm
I think that you'll find it surprisingly easy to use.
Installing the software might be the most difficult step. If you have the space on your HD, then I'd suggest to load all of the maps.
Once that's done, and you don't have any connectivity issues between the PC and GPS, the rest is simple.

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