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Posted by gadgetjon on Oct. 01 2004,9:33 am
XARC Fox Hunt Saturday, October 9th

Want to join a fox hunt? The Xerox Amateur Radio Club will hold a hidden transmitter hunt October 9th at 9:30 AM starting from Harris Hill Park in Penfield. Local hams and non hams are encouraged to join the hunt. You may form a team of any number, including a team of one. People should arrive at the park by 9:00 AM to receive and review the rules. Preliminary rules can be found on the XARC website
< > . Harris Hill Park is at the base of the water tower near the intersections of Penfield Rd. (Rt. 441) and Rt. 250. Talk in will be on the Xerox repeater 145.29

The transmitter will be hidden within 10 miles of the park.
Participants will need a HT on 2 meters, a method to determine the bearing such as body fade or a directional antenna and a method to attenuate the signal such as an antenna shield, attenuator or off frequency tuning. Signup with Larry, WW2J áis preferred but not necessary.

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