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Posted by Scout on Jan. 23 2004,9:03 pm
Mark Perkins has begin publishing < MinuteWarrior Weekly >. Among other things, he plans to publish a running commentary on one of the games currently underway. If you ever took a look at the game and found yourself totally confused, maybe Mark's commentary might help explain what's going on. Anyway, you can check it out at < > .
Posted by GeoGerard on Aug. 30 2004,4:09 pm
I've read about this game, but I still don't understand it.
How does it work ? :blush: :withstupid

Posted by Scout on Aug. 31 2004,7:40 am
MinuteWar is a game of capture-the-flag using the whole world as the playing field and GPS receivers for navigation. Every player in the world uses his own local map, but all the maps are combined so that all players compete against everyone else at the same time no matter where they live.

The maps are divided into squares, each one minute of longitude wide and one minute of latitude long. Each square contains a virtual flag. Visit the spot where the flag is located to capture the flag. Whoever controls the most territory by capturing flags, wins.

There'll be a new game starting in mid-September.

For more information, visit < > and join the MinuteWar mailing list.

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