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started by: welch

Posted by welch on May 21 2002,7:02 am
MinuteWar is about to start again, probly within the next few days. if you would like to play please make sure you go and sign up. for those of you who dont know what MinuteWar is:
< >
Posted by Scout on April 03 2003,12:32 pm
It's a year later, and we're about to kick off Game 11. Last call for signups.

The description of this forum describes < MinuteWar > as a game of territorial conquest. Recently, it's been more a game of sinking battleships. It's always been a friendly variant of capture-the-flag. So, take your pick.
Posted by Scout on April 11 2003,8:31 am
MinuteWar Game 12 is now open for sign-up. Visit the Web site at < > to play.

This game is another game of the Battleship variant. Nine  ships are hidden somewhere in the world. Your job is to find the ships and capture their flags. Do it through trial-and-error by visiting random places in your neighborhood or by using the clues to figure out where in the real world the ships are hiding and make your moves more likely to result in success.

In Game 12, the number of ships has been increased to nine and the clues to the real-world map location have been made more puzzling than ever. The game should have a little  something for everyone: those who like using GPS, those who like a little teamwork and competition, those who like studying maps, and those who like solving puzzles
Posted by Scout on June 02 2003,9:18 pm
Game 14 begins June 6 at 14:00 UTC. Sign up now at < > And be sure to download the latest MinuteWar Commander. If you haven't looked at in a while, you're in for a treat. It's worth the price of admission all by itself.

Game 14 will be unlike any other. OK, I admit it. I like change.

It'll be played without teams. Or rather, the "teams" will be variable, informal coalitions to stop the leader. So, if you bowed out of earlier games because you didn't want to be a drag on your teammates, this game is for you.

It'll be a slow-paced game. Two moves a week. So, if you dropped out of earlier games because you couldn't keep up the pace, this game is for you.

Victory goes to whoever occupies the most squares. The victory conditions will be set high so the game will last up to a year or more. But the slow pace ought to allow players to miss a week now and then and still be competitive.

Players can join the game at any time. Missing a few weeks or starting a month or two late should not necessarily kill your chances, provided the rest of the players keep one person from running away with victory.

Players will be allowed to change their offsets during the game. So, if geography is special challenge where you live, you can artificially shift the board to your favor.

The game board will be the classic 60x60 size. Huge for a single player, but by changing offsets, a player can bring any part of it within reach.

The size of buffer zones increase as you capture vacant squares (3x3), enemy buffer zones (5x5) and enemy flags (7x7). This gives latecomers a chance to catch up.

The move bank will be very low. This encourages players to use their moves rather than saving them.

Read about all the game settings at < > .

Posted by Scout on Dec. 12 2003,2:55 pm
Six months and lots of flags later, Game 14 is over, with victory going to mmp. Go to the < MinuteWar Web site > for complete scores and board positions.
Posted by Scout on Jan. 06 2004,8:26 am
It's a new year, time for a new game. Two, actually. There are two games of MinuteWar getting ready to start.

One is a classic, slow game. Perfect for players who can't devote a lot of time to the game.

The other is a faster-paced game, with teams, played on a game board that resembles Risk.

Both games need players. Head to < > for details.

Posted by Scout on June 06 2004,4:39 pm
Game 17 is forming. Game starts June 15. It's a Risk variant. The game settings were chosen to make for a short game. The longest the game can last is 28 days. Go to < > to register and play.
Posted by Scout on Nov. 23 2004,10:04 pm
Here we go again. Game 22 starts December 1. It has a deadline of December 23, so it won't interfere with holiday plans. Go to < > to register and play.

Posted by Scout on Jan. 06 2005,8:26 am
We're ready to go again. Game 23 starts January 21. It's a free-for-all. No teams. Whoever controls the most territory after 28 days wins. Go to < > to sign up and play.
Posted by Scout on Mar. 04 2005,6:27 pm
Game 24 starts March 18. Teams, 28-day limit, great settings for a new player to join and learn the ropes. Sign up at < >
Posted by Scout on April 23 2005,12:53 pm
Game 25 starts May 6. A "retro" game, with rules similar to the rules used in the early games 3 years ago. Sign up at < >
Posted by Scout on Aug. 06 2005,2:59 pm
Game 26 of MinuteWar starts August 13. A team game played on a Risk-like game board. Visit < > for more information.
Posted by Scout on Sep. 05 2005,4:09 pm
Game 27 of MinuteWar starts September 24. A team game played on a Risk-like game board. Visit < > for more information.
Posted by Scout on Jan. 14 2006,8:49 am
Happy New Year, MinuteWarriors! The political tensions are rising in the North. And the South. And the East and the West. Flags are being unfurled all over the world. MinuteWar is inevitable.

A new game begins January 20, 2006. Game 29. It's a different combination than we've tried before. It's a Risk style free for all. Lots more information is available on the GPSgames wiki at < > . You can sign up now at < > . Click on "MinuteWar" then scroll down the game list to Game 29.

Posted by Scout on May 20 2006,5:29 pm
Another new game of MinuteWar is forming. Game 31. Sign up now. Game starts May 26.

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