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started by: Morseman

Posted by Morseman on Dec. 17 2002,5:02 am

Since I've recently taken over the ARS-EU (Adventure Radio Society - Europe) yahoogroup reflector, I thought I'd see if there were any ARS enthusiasts on Navicache.

The aim of ARS-EU is to encourage people to take Amateur Radio gear out with them when they go hiking/climbing etc., so it could fit well with a trek to a distant cache.  :D

There's also an associated activity called Summits On The Air (SOTA) which has its own yahoogroup reflector.  That is mainly based in the UK, but other countries are showing an interest in setting up their own version of the basic idea.  In a nut shell, mountain summits are listed and given a serial number.  People climb them (no vehicles within a certain distance from the operating area) and activate them on the air.  Then others work them and claim points (if that's what they are into) towards various awards.  A bit like DXCC, but without the kW linear and armchairs.  :xmas Again, you can probably see how Geocaching might fit in as well.

So, is anyone out there interested, or am I in a minority of one?
Posted by Gimpy on Dec. 18 2002,11:17 pm
Sounds like a good time, Morseman. Since I got my Tech license, I've taken my HT out with me everywhere I go. Now I've taken delivery on my Icom 706MKIIG mobile unit, & am busy getting the other related gear together to make good use of it as well. Plenty of repeaters in my area, so no problem making contacts. Just wish I had looked into Ham a little more before paying $75.00 for a license for GMRS. But I guess it doesn't hurt to have that as well. I'm working on getting ready for my General exam, then the code test. I'll have to check out SOTA. I'll be trying to contact you on IRLP. I know what nodes you get on, just have to catch you at the right time. I've already made other contacts in the UK & other parts of the world. Guess it's all in the timing. :D
Posted by Morseman on Dec. 19 2002,2:06 am
Quote (Gimpy @ Dec. 19 2002,06:17 am)
Guess it's all in the timing. :D

That's the nub of the problem, when I'm in range of a node it's probably not at the time that you are.  :)

I should be in range of the Chesterfield node at about 20:00 GMT tonight (Thusrday 20th Dec), not sure about tomorrow as I may be leaving early after the Chairmans Christmas speech  :sick
Posted by Gimpy on Dec. 19 2002,8:45 am
Quote (Morseman @ Dec. 19 2002,04:06 am)
I should be in range of the Chesterfield node at about 20:00 GMT tonight (Thusrday 20th Dec)

20:00 GMT. Sounds good. I'll get on my local node at that time, & hook up with you. Talk to you then. :wave
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