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Topic: ADA and Geocaching
started by: Renegade Knight

Posted by Renegade Knight on April 08 2004,9:27 pm
Since Rusty_TLC asked about actual ADA dimensions for a cache series he's working on I've started to think about this seriously.  The topic come up regularly.

The first problem is that Geocaching is a recreational activity.   Outdoor ADA guidelines cover physical environments that are designed, or retrofitted with the ADA guidelines in mind.  Because of my profession I know the guidelines.  However the reasons behind those recommendations are not as clear.   Those reasons are important because they provide the real information needed to make a reasonable effort at rating a cache.  An area meeting ADA standards is good for virtually all levels of mobility.  This is because the standard was designed to be accommodating. It's once you are outside the normal assessable environments we are used to working in, that the different levels of mobility make a pronounced difference in a persons ability to enjoy the widest variety of geocaches possible.

I'm proposing a guide book be developed for geocaching and accessability.  It would cover three areas.  Recommendations for placing assessable geocaches.  A guide to geocaching for people with mobility limitations, and a guide to rating a cache for access.

I've contacted the one person who has most often spoken up for this area in the forums to see if they are willing to lead the effort.  However they will need other interested individuals to help.  Please email me if you are interested in helping.

This is cross posted on but is a Terracachers project.

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