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Topic: Navicahe in Tuscaloosa News
started by: cachekidds

Posted by cachekidds on April 06 2004,8:46 am
I was interviewed by the Tuscaloosa News for an article about caches that came out today. I made sure to mention Navicache and since they found my Lake Lurleen cache, they mention the site as I put the Navicache sheet in all my hides.
By the way, I'm Tim who fell in the water in Vermont.

You have to register for this but here it is:
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It may be easier to see it at
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Posted by PC Medic on April 06 2004,3:57 pm
Great story  :thumbs-up  and we definitely appreciate the mention. It is good to see positive articles about the sport that may get more people involved as it is a perfect sport for those that like the outdoors and something the whole family can do together.

Posted by Quinn on April 06 2004,5:40 pm
Way to go Tim!

BTW- What were you doing in that water? :D

Posted by cachekidds on April 07 2004,9:02 am
Quote (Quinn @ April 06 2004,7:40 pm)
Way to go Tim!

BTW- What were you doing in that water? :D

Well, I was SCUBA diving for a cache. Vermont creeks and streams are famous for diving  :tungue2

I never found that stupid cache.

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