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Topic: Cool Stealth Geocache Container
started by: geocache_containers

Posted by geocache_containers on Mar. 25 2004,11:14 am
I thought someone here might be interested in this:

< >

Posted by Guest on Mar. 25 2004,11:45 am
I might buy one if it was selling for thirty nine cents.  :tungue2    The price is way to high...... :sick


Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 25 2004,12:41 pm
First, I agree with upinyachit, way over priced IMHO.
Full size ammo cans can be had for less than this 3" bolt!!

I would also like to remind that comercial advertising is not permitted in this forum  :nono

Posted by cachekidds on Mar. 26 2004,4:56 am
I agree that it's too expensive.
Posted by barrington on Mar. 26 2004,8:36 pm
This would have to be made from stainless steel or brass to survive as a cache container.  The picture shows what appears to be rust on the nut threads, indicating it's garden variety mild steel.  Clever idea, though.:)
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