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Topic: Great, Cheap Personalized SIG Items
started by: deckyon

Posted by deckyon on Mar. 10 2004,10:32 am
I have just been given a website (run by a friend of mine) that offers personalized pencils.  From full sized to golf-sized.  They can have from 1 to 3 lines of personalized text.

Example, 3 lines, golf-sized (no eraser) 5 gross for right at $40 (USD)

I have ordered 5 gross w/out erasers and 3 lines and will be using them as sig/trade items.

With all the talk lately about signature items and geocoins, these are an innexpensive item that people can get a lot of.  They are great for events and can even have coordinates printed on them (you can get less than 5 gross for special orders).

Website: < >

I am not receiving anything special for making this announcement.  I just thought I would pass on an idea for signature items that would be both usefull and unique to the cacher.

Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 10 2004,4:37 pm
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Posted by Quinn on Mar. 10 2004,6:09 pm
Those are pretty cool!  :)
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