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Topic: Caver Contact for Geocachers having problems.
started by: Renegade Knight

Posted by Renegade Knight on Jan. 27 2004,8:07 pm
Grotto Ombudsman for Geocachers

In recent history geocachers and cavers have collided.  To say the results at times were less than ideal is  first rate understatement.  Most often the conflict is between local geocachers and the local grotto.

The idea for an ombudsman position with the NSS was discussed.  The idea is to give geocachers having problems relating to a caver group a contact to help work though the problems.  Most conflicts involve people who are passionate about their hobby so a lot of emotions get involved.  The ombudman can provide a perspectve from outside the local grotto and help both sides before too much carnage is done to both groups reputations.

Itís worth a try.

The email address to use is:

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