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Topic: stashthecache
started by: subigo

Posted by subigo on Jan. 09 2004,2:42 am
If any of you are regulars at I am sure you have seen the drama grow from my new site before the soap opera makes its way to navicache, I would just like to personally state that I have designated navicache a "stash free zone". Caches posted on this site will not be touched by me. That's all I have to say, I hope the people here are more open minded that the ones on GC


Posted by DustyJacket on Jan. 09 2004,7:45 am
Since my caches are listed on as well as on, does you above statement mean that my caches will be immune from your "stashing"?

Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 09 2004,8:31 am
While I am happy to hear that you (so far) are not targeting caches listed on Navicache, I still have to say that, I have concerns about what you are doing. I am even more concened that it appears by your own admission that it is being done out spite because you are upset with policy at What ever the reason, this type of activity (yes it is 'Pirating') can be nothing but harmful to the not only sport, but also to geocaching community as a whole.

Not only will it disrupt the accuracy of listing services such as and Buxley's, but it will also result in many setting out to find caches that have intentionally been removed without permission from the cache owner. And how about those sites where folks have cross listed their caches, should they and there members also suffer because of someone elses discontent?

With that said I would ask that you not continue to attempt to promote this type of activity here.

Posted by Guest on Jan. 09 2004,5:05 pm
I just don't understand,  If you have issues with gc, don't go there.  As far as moving or pirating a cache isn't to cool either.   :sick Why would you publicly admit to such behavior anyways? :nono

Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 09 2004,7:05 pm
You have been asked a very valid question by two members of Navicache and have not answered either (here). Yet I see  on your site, that you have clearly stated any caches listed on whether cross-posted on other sites (including or not will be added to your database of caches to be stolen. This obviously would indicate that your first statement here (and those on your site) that is a "stash free zone" are bogus and that you in fact consider all of our caches open game as well. Yes the owners of Navicache as well as many of our members cross-post to
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