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Topic: Navicache tatoo!!!!!
started by: upinyachit

Posted by Guest on Jan. 02 2004,3:50 pm
I was just wondering if Navicache is going to be around forever ir will it just to fade away.  I wouldn't dare do such a thing (even though I do have a tattoo of the Broncos, hee hee) but I was just curious as to where Navicache is headed.
I know it's a great place to list caches in case gc goes down.
But is Navicache going to improve and even attempt to compete with g.c.  I know quite a few members list their caches on both sites, but is that it?  There isn't anybody on the forums, and it's really hard to explain about both sites to the newbies, especialy my family.  My family all thinks I'm crazy, and can't understand why I like Navicache so much.
I tried to explain to them, but it's hard when  only a few caches are listed in their area.

Besides, I came to Navicache first.

Posted by Renegade Knight on Jan. 02 2004,4:31 pm
That's a huge speculation to say that Navicache will either be here or won't.  History shows that it probably won't, but neither will  Something else will come along and blow them away, or they will change and become something else.  Or maybe as does happen, they will make it and last long enough to be truly worthy of that tatoo.

Nothing like a good non answer!  :cool:

Posted by welch on Jan. 02 2004,7:12 pm
"Magic Eight Ball, will Navicache be around forever?"

answer>> 'It is unclear at this time, Ask again later'

Posted by DustyJacket on Jan. 02 2004,9:11 pm
I think you should go-for-it and get a Navicache tatoo on your chest.
Posted by Guest on Jan. 03 2004,1:12 am
I think you should go-for-it and get a Navicache tatoo on your chest.

I am crazy :O but not that crazy :nono

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 03 2004,8:02 pm
You say you are not 'that Crazy"...but I give it a week or so and I bet there will be a Navi-too on you somewheres! :D
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