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Topic: Add a ratings button
started by: Scout

Posted by Scout on Sep. 19 2003,10:00 am
< > just enhanced their cache rating system by making it support Navicache caches. There's an article about it on their home page.

You can see an example of this in action on this cache page: < Distance Caching 101 >.

To add a ratings button to your cache page, go to's ratings page, fill in your Navicache cache ID, click the "Make HTML" button, then copy and paste the resulting HTML into your cache page. Simple as can be.

(Actually, what would be even simpler is if the Navicache Webmasters decided to automatically include the link on every cache page, just like they include links to maps.)

Posted by Greenback on Sep. 20 2003,5:14 pm
I added the rating feature to my cache < C.C.C. or Chicago's First Non-GC Cache >. It's easy to add to the page. Now I'm just waiting for more folks to go find it:D
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