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Topic: Lockdown!
started by: woodsters

Posted by woodsters on Sep. 21 2003,7:05 am
Ok, I haven't seen a lockdown in a couple years since I worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. But, it's starting to look that way over on the GC site forums. I think they misunderstood when people said the forums needed to be moderated. I don't think they meant the off topic threads, but more of the attacks and flaming of each other.

They closed a thread that a person started that posted a picture that their 10 yr old autistic son made on the computer of the geocaching logo. There was nothing wrong with it that I saw, but wham! they locked it down.  They also basically stated that they (moderators) are going to pick and choose which OT threads to lock down and which ones to let stay, to try and keeep a "balance". How are you gonna balance? You are gonna have people complain about why did my thread get locked but his didn't.  Geez!

Posted by Bloencustoms on Sep. 21 2003,2:27 pm
It's funny, many people are leaving the forums because of the moderation, and many left due to the lack of it. The flaming and attacks continue unchecked, moderators or not. Anyway, at least here is a place where you can post a topic and expect  civil replies. Once the forums here become more popular, I fear the bullys will move on over. There aren't enough targets or admirers for them yet.
Posted by Scout on Sep. 21 2003,2:37 pm
Quote (Bloencustoms @ Sep. 21 2003,3:27 pm)
Once the forums here become more popular, I fear the bullys will move on over.

You're probably right. Moderation is not always a good solution. Sometimes, putting power in the hands of the readers is a better solution. These Web forums are not very flexible in that regard. Usenet (e.g., news:alt.rec.geocaching ) offers readers a "killfile" that can be used to filter out posts and posters you don't want to read, kind of like spam filters work on email. They aren't perfect, but they do offer the reader control, something that human moderation of Web forums don't.
Posted by woodsters on Sep. 21 2003,4:07 pm
There a difference in moderating and what they are doing over there. A moderator keeps things civil, they warn users and ban them for inappropriate activity. Flaming should never be allowed. The so called moderators spend more time locking down a thread because it's off topic, than worrying about flaming unless it's directed at them. I've noticed that in one forum there are 4 "moderators", but only 2 of them are locking things down, one overzealously. I thought back when people were complaining about inconsistency with the approvers that there was talk about how the approvers are swamped with cache approval. Now they've been made "moderators" as well. They must not be swamped and have a lot of time on their hands now...No reason for virtuals to go to the backburner. Perhaps they can also pitch in some other things that are keeping the true admins from other things that people or asking about around there?
Posted by BadAndy on Sep. 22 2003,12:12 am
The problem as I see it is that the geocaching community has wide and varied views about caching.  No single website will be able to cater to everyones wants.  GC has chosen to be a family oriented, rule driven version of the game, and has done so with huge success.  Navicache is on the verge of being viable.  The pirates have their own *slightly twisted* version.  I doubt it will be long before the boyscouts have a caching merit badge.  I know of a few other sites in startup mode.  As a result, Joe and Jane cacher have more options to choose from in this game.  

There has been talk of a non profit/non commercial/non affiliated geocaching organization.  A community of cachers to speak with a single voice to the website developers that hope to reap a reward on this sport and I support this.  I also don't begrudge anyone from wanting to be commercially involved in caching, but if you're going to charge me for it, give me what I want.

What I see in the gc forums is a company trying desperately to keep the lid from blowing off the kettlepot.  Caching has grown quite a bit in a short period of time and is growing exponentially.  

Specialized products and services will emerge and evolve.  Govt agencies will openly deal with caching the same as they have done with any (atv's, snowmobiles, hiking, biking) outdoor sport on public lands.  GPSr's will be standard features on cellphones and radios.  World leaders will announce national caching holidays.  The first brain transplant will include WAAS technology!!!

Grandious?  Well, maybe I got carried away there at the end...but you catch my drift?

Posted by Bloencustoms on Sep. 22 2003,3:57 am
The sport is rapidly gaining in popularity, with some area codes containing thousands of caches within a 100 mile radius. Unfortunately, my state (LA) has less than 300 caches. It just hasn't caught on here as quickly. I think people who truly enjoy the activity could care less what link they click to get coordinates for a cache, as long as there are caches to find. As more and more people will realize there is more than one option for listing or searching coordinates, the competition will only improve the sport. If you want my prediction, ISP's will incorporate their own cache listing services if the sport gets big enough.
Anyway, if the few threads I've read on this forum are any indicator of how the discussion will be in the future, I don't forsee any "lockdowns" here. So far it all seems productive, informative, and most of all, civil.

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 22 2003,5:23 am
Quote (Bloencustoms @ Sep. 22 2003,5:57 am)
Anyway, if the few threads I've read on this forum are any indicator of how the discussion will be in the future, I don't forsee any "lockdowns" here. So far it all seems productive, informative, and most of all, civil.

You got it!  :thumbs-up

And of course try to keep them on topic. If a thread begins to drift, start a new one. This helps those who may be interested in a particular topic to more easily find those conversations. Of course if they begin to stray from topic we will generally move (not remove) them and let you know.

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