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started by: woodsters

Posted by woodsters on Sep. 16 2003,8:51 pm
Hi folks, some of you may recognize the name from the website. Seems to be a bunch either moving this way or 2 timing...hehe

For those that do not know me, my name is Brian. I run an outdoors website called Woodsters Outdoors (see profile for address). I got started in geocaching just this past June. Back at the first of the year, I had a member of my messageboard ask about putting a section on it for geocaching. I did, but it really didn't peak my interest at the time. I think I was mesmerized by all the snow we had up here in New England. We had just moved to New England from Augusta, Georgia and never saw so Later in the year around May i think, my wife was talking to her mother who had just been to an RV rally in Myrtle Beach. Well they met some folks who were into caching and explained it to them. My mother in law was intrigued. She told my wife about and then I started looking more into it and I am.

As I stated I have a message board on my site and run the same software as they do here. I love it! Finally something I know how it pretty much works. For those who aren't familiar with it, please explore around. The Ikonboard software is so versatile and there are many hacks that you can add on to make it even better!

Cache you

Posted by Bloencustoms on Sep. 17 2003,1:25 am
Indeed, there are quite a few name I recognize from the other site, yours included. I guess I'll sit back and await the mass migration.  :grinnin
Posted by woodsters on Sep. 17 2003,5:51 am
Hey Bloen, I thought you were gone? lol...

Yeah I think there will be some more to come over here. I know they are reading. Just as they read my board as well, but they don't sign up. I think that they are afraid of what their peers will think or say. Oh well.

Hey Quinn/PC Medic...I got a bunch more smilies over on my side if you want to place some of them here. They go along with the basic ones from here. Check them out.

Posted by woodsters on Sep. 17 2003,9:38 am
Nevermind about my messageboard right now...I messed up something somewhere and am redoing it all. Losing everything. :(
Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 17 2003,9:42 am
I guess I never really could understand why people are limiting themselves to just the GC website....

But then again, I just checked number of caches listed 40mi from my ZIP on both sites:

Within 40.4mi:

NaviCache - 100     - 160

Granted there are quite a few doubles on both sites, but there are enough unique to NC.

And the forums here are a nice quiet place to discuss caching when the GC ones get out of hand... :)

Anyway, I think all NC really needs is for people to submit more caches....

That seems to be the #1 reason people dont come here..."Not enough caches for their area"....heck, just a couple would be enough for me... :)

Anyway, welcome any and all who come here!... :)

Posted by Geofool on Sep. 17 2003,10:35 am
Hey Woodster, nice to see some more familiar names popping up here lately.

The first thing I noticed when I came to this site was the limited caches in my area. The closest one was over 60 miles from my home. I am currently dual posting caches to see if anyone from Navicache in is my area. So far no hits.

Posted by woodsters on Sep. 17 2003,8:02 pm
Hey Geofool, yes it's good to see familiar names around. I think the closest cache near me is just over 20 miles away. I might have to change

What is the rule and how does navicahce feel about the double posting? I may make it triple posting and make up something from my site. It won't be automated like here or the other place, but would be interesting none the less.

Quinn/PC Medic- I got my forums back up, minus the info of course, but got a load of smilies there. Feele free to use what you like.

Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 17 2003,8:17 pm
Not to speak for Quinn/PC, I believe they dont have a problem with it at all....Thats one of the beauties of NC...:)
I have double posted both of mine, and will have several more up soon.....I think I remember asking Quinn about this very thing when I first started, and if IRC, he encouraged me to do it... :)

Geofool, yer in Chicago? I think that is supposed to have a nice concentration of caches on NC....

Oh will take time to build up the database of caches here....wont happen overnight....

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 17 2003,9:16 pm
We have no problem at all with double posting and many have done so.
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