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Topic: GPS Helps catch Bank Robbers.
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Sep. 26 2002,7:13 pm
I was reading an article about that Bank robbery where several of the employee's were shot and killed today, and in the middle of the article it talks about how they found the car by using its Global Guidance system that came with the Subaru they stole. Here is the link < Yahoo News Story >

Very sad ending but at least they were caught, and a great way of doing it!
Posted by Gimpy on Sep. 27 2002,4:28 am
They caught 3 of the 4 pieces of trash that were behind it. Let's hope our feeble justice system will do what's right & put the scum where they put those 5 innocent people. :^^
Posted by YardBoy on Sep. 29 2002,7:53 am
Quote (Gimpy @ Sep. 27 2002,06:28 am)
...trash ...feeble justice system ...scum ... :^^

Gimpy, Gimpy, Gimpy: you've got to let your feelings out, express yourself, before it eats you up  ;0o

Reminds me of a movie or book ending where a particular part of anatomy is nailed to a windowsill & the house is set on fire.
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