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Topic: GeoClipping for Palm or Pocket PC
started by: rschoolf

Posted by rschoolf on May 01 2002,10:53 pm
Use this application to clip information from the cache pages at, formatted for the MemoPad application of your Palm.  The cache information will be cleaned up, and formatted to read nice in MemoPad.
The content will be truncated to 4k, so it will fit one memo.  This application was written for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

License to use is hereby granted to the GeoCaching community, released to the public domain.

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Posted by Gimpy on May 02 2002,4:16 am
Welcome, rschoolf. I downloaded your app & it's very cool. Thanks :grinnin
Posted by Quinn on May 02 2002,5:45 am
Ack! no "Calvin Cache" link on your site for Navicache? :grinnin
Posted by Rob on May 02 2002,6:56 am
Iíve downloaded your program as well.  Havenít had a chance to play with it much though, it works well on my NT machine at work.  
Just canít get the time to do any geocaching recently.  Canít believe it, this weekend I actually have to repair the rain gutters! :(
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