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started by: upinyachit

Posted by Guest on July 09 2002,4:33 am
How can you find a cache if its not on the web?


Originally posted by upinyachit:
We just love caching, and have 62 finds since
March of this year. Our family has found all 62
caches without a membership, and had a blast finding them.

At this time, I don't feel we need to pay a dime to look for the nearest caches. Don't get me wrong, our family would love a special membership, but we would rather use the money for gas so we can look for more treasures!

The Hughes Family

This was a reply to a post on that someone replied to us.  I thought  maybe you Navicache members should see this.  I tried to reply, but noooooo.  They want to review the word(s) in it.  Gee, I wonder what word(s) they are going to check on!!!  Hee Hee! :^^


Posted by Quinn on July 09 2002,10:28 am
LOL...doesn't suprise me at all. "Navicache" (the word) really scares the bajeebers out of the crew over there  :grinnin
Posted by Hinge Thunder on July 09 2002,11:17 am
Quote (Quinn @ July 09 2002,12:28 pm)
LOL...doesn't suprise me at all. "Navicache" (the word) really scares the bajeebers out of the crew over there  :grinnin

But, I don't even see the word 'Navicache' in the post that was filtered.
Posted by Hinge Thunder on July 09 2002,11:20 am
I have mentioned in cache logs over there, so they aren't filtering those (yet). I wonder what would happen if I put in my signature line. They may not be checking that! :)
Posted by Guest on July 09 2002,2:27 pm
Hey Hinge,

I typed over there in my first reply and posted it and an automatic pop up told me that there was a word in my reply that was not appropriate.  I had to type another reply and put the "N" word in just like that to get my reply posted.  

Thought I'd clear that up.   :D

Posted by Hinge Thunder on July 09 2002,2:44 pm
I've seen people post over there using things like nav!cache, or nav|cache, or similar. Out of curiosity, I tried posting a msg with navicache in the tagline, but it caught it.
Posted by Bitmaster on July 22 2002,5:57 pm
The last cache that I posted - DEN 11 STRIKES AGAIN is listed here & "there".

I put on "that other web site" to make sure that they logged their find both on "that" web site and on WWW.NAVICACHE.COM and they haven't censored it - yet.
I am sure that I will find that it has been "altered" sooner or later.

Posted by desertxplorers on Aug. 19 2002,12:15 am
:) Not to ruin anyone's campaign here but I use both sites because most of the caches located in my area are found on the "other" site.  And we have not spent a "dime" yet.  That is why both are very good references for some cachers.  

I found my fist cache from this site (zzyzx) and I'll put the caches that I hide on both.

Thanks for helping me figure this out!

Posted by Quinn on Aug. 19 2002,4:26 am
Welcome aboard!  :)
Posted by YardBoy on Aug. 19 2002,12:31 pm
Quote (desertxplorers @ Aug. 19 2002,02:15 am)
:) Not to ruin anyone's campaign here ...


I haven't seen any campaign here since RoadKill ran for "Spokesperson" of Hair Club for Critters.

Welcome to the OCD Anonymous group  :wave
Posted by lighthouserocket on Aug. 26 2002,6:25 pm
try  moc.echacivan.www    or
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