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Topic: Geocaching news
started by: mrmom

Posted by mrmom on Oct. 07 2002,8:56 am
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Geocaching news...

Posted by strikeforce_sunset on Oct. 20 2002,9:18 pm
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Just saw show last eve. (10/19/02) Geo-Caching Episode FAO-205.  Thought  you
might be intrested. :)
Posted by Gimpy on Oct. 20 2002,9:28 pm
Hey, strikeforce. Welcome. Thanks for the link. This one should take folks right to the caching section.< DIY Caching > . Very cool. :grinnin
Posted by Cracker7M on Oct. 21 2002,12:10 am
I saw that too.........Tried to tape it, but after movin in only 3 weeks ago, of course the VCR wasnt hooked up right..... :(

Doesnt look like its gonna air any time soon again... :(
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