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Topic: Three In One
started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 02 2002,10:20 am
What do you get when you mix Geocaching, and a Road Rally?
Well check out < Magellans Jaos Adventure Rally > for a great new twist on things.

Road Trip !!  :grinnin
Posted by Gimpy on Sep. 02 2002,7:52 pm
Looks like a blast. I'd be up for that. :grinnin
Posted by Quinn on Sep. 02 2002,8:50 pm
Quote (Gimpy @ Sep. 02 2002,9:52 pm)
Looks like a blast. I'd be up for that. :grinnin

Me too! Gimpy, we will use your car! :)
Posted by YardBoy on Sep. 03 2002,2:24 pm
Quote (Quinn @ Sep. 02 2002,10:50 pm)
...Gimpy, we will use your car! :)

Or I've got wheels...

Posted by Morseman on Sep. 03 2002,2:48 pm
We could always use the vehicle that Dave Hinns (in Geodashing) reckons is mine. :oo:

< >

And look under "older photos"
Posted by Scout on Sep. 03 2002,4:03 pm
Gimpy, we will use your car! :)

Or mine, custom designed for geocaching.

Posted by Road Kill on Sep. 03 2002,7:47 pm
:0  Holy $#!7!  What's list price on that thing, Scout. I gotta have one of those. I'd use it for caching, hunting and gathering-up road kill. Does it come with on-star?!


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