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started by: felix80

Posted by felix80 on Oct. 27 2004,12:39 pm
Wanted to let everyone know about a new, free game called Bandycams.  Find out more at: < >

Bandycams are disposable cameras that are passed around.  They can be used in caches, or not.  You can track where they've been, see the photos after they are uploaded, and discuss them by adding multiple captions to each photo.

-Ed Neely

Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 27 2004,3:24 pm
This definitely has potential to be a big draw and looks like it could also see different variations. Have to keep an eye on this one! I think a big interest would be in seeing where your camera travels to so would suggest the 'location' field be a requirement when finding/releasing a camera. Just my opinion though.

Posted by felix80 on Dec. 27 2004,9:17 pm
There are been several variations already.  There are several bandycams travelling with TBs attached, several going from cache to cache without TBs.  Also, a number a cameras being bandied outside of geocaching.  Some are left on restaurant tables or other public places (I think these are the most likely to go AWOL).  A couple are being passed from person to person.  It will be interesting to see which bandycam gets its photos posted first.

< >

Posted by scalpel on Dec. 29 2004,4:44 am
I wonder if I need to put a tag on my cache cameras so they do not get moved to other caches.  most of my caches have their own.
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