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Topic: High School Survey
started by: STUZGR

Posted by STUZGR on Oct. 27 2004,10:53 am
King High School Engineering
Engineering Design and Development

Currently my High School Engineering group and I are working on a
yearlong Portable Water Filtration System. In order to justify the
project our procedures must included surveying the general public. If
you have any knowledge of Outdoor Camping Portable Water Filters, we
would highly appreciate if you would take the time to answer these 5
questions allotting us the data we need in order too continue on the

You can either post on these forums or email me at

1. What is the nature in which you use the water filtration system?
Circle all that apply
a. Individual hiking
b. Camping
c. Scout troops
d. Other: __

4. Do you feel pumping water by hand is too time consuming?
a. Yes
b. No

5. Is operating this type of water filter tiresome?
a. Yes
b. No

We would like too thank anyone willing to participate and tell you
that any information you can provide will be put too good use.

Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 27 2004,3:29 pm
All for helping out witha class project, but not really being geocaching in nature,  rather than post your responses here please use the alternate email method.
Posted by Scout on Oct. 27 2004,4:20 pm
If you do reply by email, be aware that you are revealing your email address to someone interested in people involved with camping. I have no evidence to know that this request is not legitimate, but don't be surprised if your email address is used to spam you with camping product promotions.
Posted by PC Medic on Oct. 28 2004,8:49 am
Scout brings up a good point and I guess I should have elaborated more in my initial response and not assumed others use the same caution I (and Scout) appear to use.

I recomend *never* respond *direct* to any email unless you know and trust the sender. In the forums you can instead use the email member option and you can then respond without revealing you email address. However because the poster has chosen not to make this option available to his account, AND signed up only to post this message, my recommendation is do not respond at all, or if you do, consider you do so at your own risk.

To the original poster, if you wish folks to contact you, then why select the option not be available???

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