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Topic: Rumor has it...
started by: 3billygoatsgruff

Posted by 3billygoatsgruff on Aug. 21 2004,10:19 am
Heard through the grapevine that the Rochester D&C ran a small article on Friday (Aug 20). SOmething about navicache hosting a meet/cache to introduce this sport to the general public. I haven't been able to find any reference to this on this website. Can anyone clue me in?  

My group has been doing caches from another site (which will remain nameless) for a couple of years now but I have newbies that I would love to bring out to something like what was mentioned.

Posted by Quinn on Aug. 21 2004,1:41 pm
Actually there are several picnics and gatherings each year for Geocachers to meet each other as well as search for caches together.

The story you mention is linked here< AT THE ROCHESTER D AND C NEWSPAPER > .
The link to get involved and learn more about this adventure contest is also placed all over our site. But you can find that by using this link < CALLED CACHE HER IF YOU CAN BY MAGELLAN > .
I hope this helps you and if so good luck to you all out there!

Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 21 2004,7:47 pm
While the D&C article did not mention it, there is I believe a Navicache Picnic coming up in Letchworth Park soon. I am the Virginia end of the partnership and not clear on all the particulars, so I will let Quinn jump back in and answer that part of your question as he slipped and missed it the first time around.
Posted by 3billygoatsgruff on Aug. 21 2004,8:40 pm
Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was already aware of the Cache her if you can series. (I'm still waiting for something near Rochester, NY... :rolleyes ) The person I heard this from didn't have the right details.  That's what I get for listening to the grapevine...
Posted by Quinn on Aug. 21 2004,9:39 pm
Ah!...for all the upcoming picnic info visit < THE FALL LETCHWORTH GEOCACHING PICNIC PAGE > . You will get the coordinates, time and date.

I have been to several of these and you can expect to find tons of food, drink and geocachers as well as hidden caches to look for. These are always great fun so plan on spending the day!

psssT!   keep an eye out for Magellan too!  :grinnin

Posted by cenobite07 on Aug. 22 2004,11:29 pm
Any idea when Magellan might start releasing clues? :grinnin

Oh, the picnics are fun too... :D

Posted by Quinn on Aug. 23 2004,8:01 am
I can't really give much information. But keep looking back each day over the next few! :)
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