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Topic: going offline
started by: jfitzpat

Posted by jfitzpat on July 13 2004,10:20 am

When I put together LostOutdoors on a whim several years ago, I had no idea it would be so popular.  I'm glad that folks have found it useful, but between map requests and direct request for images, it has been saturating a T1 connection at my office for many months.

While my boss has been very good about it, the word has finally come down that I either have to start defraying some of the connection costs, or move the servers elsewhere.  I looked at moving the image servers to the same ISP that hosts the web page, but when they quoted the bandwidth being used it came out to about the same as a T1 each month.

I toyed with the idea of asking for donations, but if I charge for the site I'd feel obligated to give it more attention than I have - and if the donations don't cover a hefty portion of the connection costs, I'd potentially be in the situation of taking away a site from people that have helped pay for it.

So, my current plan is to take down the servers at the end of the month.  If anyone would like to host the service, I could donate the existing servers.  I'd even be happy to change the icons and re-sign the ActiveX controls.  Alternately, if someone has any other suggestions on how I could keep the service going, I'd like to hear about them.  I can be reached via email at


Posted by PC Medic on July 13 2004,11:27 am
Doh! Just realized all but the last line of my original reply did not post.

It will be a shame if this service has to cease as I know many (including us) find it quite useful. It is an excellent resource for geocachers.

I have sent you an email regarding this.

Posted by welch on July 13 2004,3:49 pm
Like I said, I very liked using the map maker. If it does go offline it will be missed very much  :(
Posted by wheelygood on July 14 2004,4:26 pm
I used it last night and thought...gee I should remember to use this more.

Thank you for putting it up in the first place and I will miss it.

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