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Topic: new caches for Navicache
started by: Virgo91967

Posted by Guest on Mar. 12 2004,5:17 pm
The only reason I went with GC for caching was simply becasue there are so many caches posted with them for my area.  
Now that I have a good 18 or of my own placed, I would like to post them on Navi as well.  is there any quicker way to post them here without having to do a day and a half of re-typing?  

Also:  greetings to Deckyon: wassup dude!  :wave

Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 12 2004,6:03 pm
There currently is no utility available to assist in directly transferring cache listing you own between different listing sites. There are a few different ways this can be accomplished however.

1) Manually re-enter the cache data for each cache (as you have pointed out, not the most efficient or desirable method).

2) Open two instances of you browser and cut and paste the text from your current listing to the cache submission form (be sure to cut and paste the text only as cutting and pasting the actual HTML code may result in undesirable display)

3) download a Loc or XML file of your cache listings and then cut and paste the information from that file to the submission form.

Again not the best solutions, but until a utility is available....

Posted by Snipe33 on April 26 2004,4:40 pm
I either re-type them or cut/paste.
It isn't that bad.

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