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started by: TEAM 360

Posted by TEAM 360 on Mar. 07 2004,3:26 pm
A BIG "THANK YOU" to Navicache for putting the option to share cache information with other sites. I was really excited to see this option while un-retiring some of my caches, after doing some much-needed maintenance on them. This allows the cache hider to make the decision of allowing their cache info to really get out there, instead of hogging it all like it is some kind of state secret (like GC does). Thank you Navicache for leading the way and being a pioneer in the sport by giving us cachers the choice!
Posted by PC Medic on Mar. 07 2004,6:08 pm
Thanks for the Kudos and you are most welcome.
Truth is we have always promoted an open-geocaching enviroment.

Posted by ga cacher on July 01 2004,7:03 am
I agree with Team 360 thanks
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