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Topic: Competitive geocaching
started by: Scout

Posted by Scout on Feb. 27 2004,3:17 pm
Passing along a Web site I discovered today: < >

From the Web site: ", where you can Geocache Competitively and get rewarded for it!  Cache League is just like any other "League" out there (bowling, golf, etc).  You get a team together, that team then earns points for Geocaches they have found.  Then, you simply come to enter your caches and your team will get points. There will be Trophies and other prizes awarded to individuals and teams."

Posted by PC Medic on Feb. 27 2004,4:36 pm
While I am not a 'Competitive Cacher" (like Georocker  :grinnin  ) I know this will probably appeal to many and wish them luck.

I do think some may find the $150 Team fee a bit steep, and the point system a wee-bit unfair. I mean I would hate to trek off for a 5/5 Terrain/Difficulty traditional cache somewhere in the Sierra Nevada only to receive 1 point while some clown like Quinn in upstate New York grabs one of those wimpy 1/1 rated caches with a hitch-hiker in it and gets 7 points!

Posted by Scout on Feb. 27 2004,5:31 pm
I agree that existing cache type classifications and terrain/difficulty ratings are not consistent enough to be the basis for a fair scoring system. It's an interesting problem to devise a better system for competitive geocaching.
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