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Topic: Topo maps!
started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 22 2004,4:17 pm
In case you have ever doubted the true value of a topo map when trekking in areas you are unfamiliar with, just check out < this story >.

Also points out how important good coordinates can be.

Posted by welch on Jan. 23 2004,9:22 pm
watch that last step its a doozzy! :p
Posted by dead_white_man on Jan. 26 2004,12:58 pm
I always find topo maps useful.   GPS won't tell me what lies between me and where I'm going.  For a long time I used only topo maps and no GPS
Posted by cachekidds on Jan. 31 2004,7:33 am
Hiking from Ben Nevis into the thin air of Scotland would probably be unhealthy.
Posted by deckyon on Feb. 25 2004,10:57 am
Very beautiful country that would be missed traveling at 9.8 m/s plunging to death be impact. :ghostface:

They also make some great Scotch at the base of the Mountain as well...

Posted by TEAM 360 on Mar. 04 2004,4:59 pm
I have to admit I find TOPO to be quite useful. This past weekend a few of us cachers were out in Cali, and chasing down a cache that looked to be right in the middle of the area where a road forked, out in the desert. Which way to take? It didn't seem to matter, as the cache was right inbetween the two roads. Looking at the screen I was able to tell that there was quite a significant hill between the cache and one of the roads. We opted to go right instead of left at the fork, and had a nice walk straight to the cache, instead of having to go up over the hill....
As a matter of fact, I finally gave in (after 2 and a half years of caching with the basemap ONLY) and got TOPO and a 128 SD card. I have every single subdivision street in the southwest U.S. now. I really don't know how I got along without it!  :)

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