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Topic: 10 DAYS=2 YEARS
started by: TEAM 360

Posted by TEAM 360 on Nov. 06 2003,9:15 am
Wow, time sure flies...November 16 will be my 2 year anniversary of when I first started geocaching. Seems like just yesterday I came across an online article about geocaching and ran out to buy something called a GPSr, my first was a little yellow Etrex. I remember that I was so excited to get started in this "unknown activity". "Wow", I thought, "no one else can find the 'treasure' without having one of these GPS things, now I am part of this Secret Society." Back then, I don't think that there were too many caches around. Now look at this thing, you can't go anywhere without tripping over one...
Think I will have to get a cake made up or something, maybe go caching all day with a noisemaker and wear a little party hat.... :p

Posted by WindChill on Dec. 06 2003,9:04 am
A belated Congrats Team 360.  A few days before Thanksgiving I passed my one year mark.  There were no hats or noise makers; in fact I didnt even go caching.  I did however release my first TB in to the first cache I found.

And just for something to talk about, did you cache more in the first year or the second?  How did the way you cache change over those two years?

For me it was 65 finds, 8 DNFs (6 MIA, 1 very difficult puzzle and 1 just plain didnt find it) and three states.  Ive found that, though the urban cache containers and hiding spots are usually more creative, I much prefer "a nice hike in the woods".

Id say about half of the time I go alone, and half the there are family and/or friends along.  I usually TNLN, though the kids are thrilled to trade one matchbox car for another matchbox car.  

Anyone else?

Posted by TEAM 360 on Dec. 07 2003,8:09 pm
I started in November 2001, but did not even pick up a GPS during 2002 at all. No caching for a year, then I started again in January of 2003. At first I hated micros, and only did full-sized, but now I am the micro expert..LOL..I love a challenge, the contest between hider and finder...
Definitely way more caching this year, in August I nailed 105 finds, with 21 of them on the last day of the month to put me over the top...Always cache alone, and most of the time TN/LN, carrying the bag of goodies got to be just too much for me...

Posted by welch on Dec. 28 2003,9:45 pm
Finally did a quick tally for a response. This is my 27th month caching. I found about half as many caches in my first year (sept. to sept.) as my second. Had 3 DNFs in the first year (two turned out to be MIA, a I ain't doing that!), and 8 in the second (3 cleaver finds I didn't find, 2 I gave up when it got dark, one stupid math errors on my part, one that was right in front of me and I didn't see, and another I ain't doing that!). I've done four states outside Iowa, all happened in the first year (3 on one westward trip  :) )

I agree that caching is now less of a 'secret' then a year or two ago, but thats surprizing (its on the internet, and there are more and more articles and TV clips), nor is it all bad  :thumbs-up .

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