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started by: TeamK9

Posted by TeamK9 on Nov. 01 2003,7:30 pm
Hi, as you'll probably notice, I am new to this site, and am sort of just a floating cacher.  I've been watching this site and for a while, and been following forum discussions because I haven't been able to get out much.  Anyway, my idea is to have a website completely separate from this site and from GC and just have a place for cachers to talk without incredible censoring and stuff like that.  "My Dream" is to have a place where cachers can hang out and be cachers, and not be navicachers or geocachers, or cachers from a different country, just where everyone is one big group.  The site won't list caches, just be to bridge the gap between the multiple caching websites....

I recently posted this to the forums, but I made the mistake of using the word navicache instead of "other site" and my post was triggered to be sent directly to a mod before posting.

Anyway, I asked these two questions....

If someone builds it, will you come?

And if they come will someone build it? (I'd love to but I'm not incredibly good with web design and the actual guts of a forum.  I'd rather just help the person who decides to be the pointman.

Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 01 2003,9:30 pm
Well with one exception (we do list caches) we are already what you are looking for. A place for anyone interested in the sport/game of geocaching to come and discuss their favorite past-time, In the forums or in the Chat Center.

No requirement to list a cache, or to log a find for a cache you have searched for in the database. No problem if you are a member of another site, or even if you mention that sites name in your post.

Posted by Scout on Nov. 01 2003,9:38 pm
Quote (TeamK9 @ Nov. 01 2003,8:30 pm)
Anyway, my idea is to have a website completely separate from this site and from GC and just have a place for cachers to talk without incredible censoring and stuff like that.

Try alt.rec.geocaching, a Usenet newsgroup. No cache listings, no affiliation with any Web site, no censorship.

Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 01 2003,9:46 pm
Used to follow the group myself, but lately is mostly German posts. Unfortunately my German is a tad rusty!  :(
Posted by TeamK9 on Nov. 02 2003,11:29 am
See, the idea is to have a site free from any affiliation at all.  Which, I know this site is pretty good about not being to cruel with censorship, but I was thinking about something along the lines of a independent website.  And I was hoping to have something like the usenet group Scout suggested, except more of just a normal forum....   I guess my post is still in limbo at the forums, but does anyone have any ideas?
Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 02 2003,12:44 pm
Well the only thing we are affiliated with is geocaching!  :thumbs-up  So I remain a tad confused about what you are looking for when you say "independent???.
As far as censorship, none here. Well of course personal attacks and profanity are not permited.
That is unless they are directed at Quinn  :grinnin

Maybe  < > is the type place you are referring to. Strictly discussion with no database.

Posted by Scout on Nov. 02 2003,5:09 pm
Quote (TeamK9 @ Nov. 02 2003,12:29 pm)
See, the idea is to have a site free from any affiliation at all.

If you want a geocaching Web-based forum that's not hosted by a site that also lists geocaches, there are plenty of regional geocaching sites that meet that definition.

If you want a geocaching Web-based forum that claims to be international, but doesn't list caches, there's <, > but that might not be true for long. That site's intention is to list caches eventually.

If it doesn't have to be a Web-based forum, there's Usenet's alt.rec.geocaching, already mentioned. And there's the Yahoo! mailing list (and I suppose, Web-based forum of sorts), < > . That's the granddaddy of them all. All the early history is there. It's where all geocachers discussed the hobby before existed. And it's still there for those who want a site independent of the cache-listing sites.

Posted by Volvo Man on Nov. 18 2003,5:48 pm
This is the place, really, I mean it. I know that Navicache has caches listed, but you will probably find that the majority of users here are also users at

What you tend to find here is geocachers with open minds who are willing to help and big on the community aspect of geocaching. the forums at the other place have a lot of very similar people, and I recognise a lot of the names here from what you won't find here is a very small number of cachers who are very closed minded and wouldn't post in an open forum anyway, these are the ones who often reply "If you don't like the rules, go somewhere else" when they don't have a constructive answer for your opinions.

There is no censorship here, I can say without any fear of my post having to be checked for compliance.

Like the man says, they built it, we came, but there is always someone out there who hasn't gotten the word yet.

BTW I have posted quite a few times over there with the words navicache and and they have always allowed them, but that may be because my posts are always in a constructive context.

As I said, we on this forum don't have anything against "them" at the other site, mainly because we are also "them" ourselves from time to time. that's what I like about this site, you  are accepted here as a geocacher, first and foremost. Quinn's mission statements have always reflected that this site is here for everybody.

Footnote, just as I predicted, while typing it, this post went straight onto the forum, without having to be reviewed.

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