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Topic: Geocaching LOCKED MY ACOOUNT
started by: Goldcacher

Posted by Goldcacher on Aug. 24 2003,3:16 pm
Hi Folks,

Im very new to this sport and signed up with

It's amazing how Jeremy Irish runs his site, I didn't know much on how to post questions for individual people on his site. Well anyway I posted some topic in which ( They were off topic ) because you can't post anything but crap and can't have a normal conversation over the board. Anyway I posted 3 times each time making a new topic.   The next thing you know I get an email:

If you continue to post off-topic threads, or threads intended for one individual in the forum (there are alternative ways of contacting an individual), we'll be shutting access down for you to the forums for a period of time. Consider this a warning.

And BOOM  My account was locked by Jeremy "The GESTOPO" Irish

He site is good in some ways , but the way he censors the forum is very childish. It sucks to have a person who has constant control of your words in the forum. Basically he is a coward. I would like to see him put his hand over my mouth when I try to speak. I have plenty of great ideas that would put his website into dust.  What we need is programmers and people who willing to go to  NAVICACHE rather than that sorry A** website in Washington. I hope I can help out this website
to grow and beyond.

Thanks  Goldcacher

Posted by PC Medic on Aug. 24 2003,3:51 pm

First, let me say welcome aboard  :wave . Wish your visit could have been prompted by better circumstances :(

NOw with that said, while we of course do not tolerate personal attacks against other members or groups we do our very best not to censor here. In fact I can only think of two occasions where we have had to remove posts and both incidents were due to commercial SPAM being posted to the forums.

As for contacting other members via the forums I am not sure what policy is on, but we do ask that messages or questions intended for a specific individual either be sent via the email link on their cache page, or by using the the 'Private Messanger' option here in the forums.  Keep in mind that some members may choose not to be contacted via email and in these cases there is not much you can do. If you have any questions on how to use either of these options, please feel free to  < Contact Us >.

Posted by Scout on Aug. 24 2003,4:36 pm
Quote (Goldcacher @ Aug. 24 2003,4:16 pm)
And BOOM  My account was locked by Jeremy "The GESTOPO" Irish.

Jeremy Irish is not the "Gestapo." That is an overstatement. I couldn't find much else to correct in your post. But supporting Navicache requires more than a distaste for Groundspeak. I hope you offer constructive ideas for improving this site. Welcome to Navicache.

Posted by Overland1 on Sep. 02 2003,8:02 am
Most web forum sites (such as the site) include a simple means of directly e-mailing or PM'ing a member, usually without revealing that member's e-mail address; this keepssome of the spamming away from members. Contacting a member by using the "Hey, _!" or "Attn: __" method is usually frowned upon my the owners of most forums. Another thing to bear in mind is that there is no 'freedom of speech' guarantee on the web sites - if I post against the rules the owner, administrator, or moderators can boot me at the drop of a hat, and they are not legally bound to explain why they did so. This is totally different from being (mostly) free to say something in public that may be offensive.

Both Navicache and Geocaching forums are great places to hang out and learn, as well as to share experiences and information. The owners of both deserve a "standing O" for their efforts.

Posted by ga cacher on Oct. 21 2004,9:25 pm
Jeremy has some issues and the size of the site is causing many slow downs.
Posted by Semper Questio on Oct. 25 2004,7:55 am
In all fairness, and not trying to start any kind of flame war, the GC site clearly states that the open forum is for discussion of geocaching topics.  To get to the off-topic forum you must become a premium member.  Also, the site was built by, and is run by, Groundspeak and they have a  right to run it however they wish just as Navicache can run theirs however they wish and you can run one you create your own way.  

The bottom line is simply that if you want to play in someone else's sandbox you usually have to play by their rules.  Otherwise, either voting with your feet or creating your own site are your only alternatives.  Slamming them because they don't run their site your way isn't going to do any good.

In any event, welcome to NC and, if you are new to it, welcome to the strangely addictive world of geocaching.  :wave

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