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started by: DudleyGrunt

Posted by DudleyGrunt on Dec. 05 2012,11:13 am
Ej and Kurt have just put out the first issue of their Madcacher newsletter, which seems to be the primary way they plan to release information on developments at Navicache, along with other news.  You can subscribe at the Madcacher blog site - < >

Welcome to the first newsletter from the minds behind Madcacher and Navicache! Things are certainly moving along now and with people signing up for our newsletter everyday, we wanted to keep you all informed. We plan to send updates a couple times per month, unless of course we have news that we just can’t wait to share. We hate spam as much as the next guy and will do our best to be considerate.
Yes, we know, we know. Big things were promised when we took over, and to the layman it may not appear that much has occurred. But trust us, things are moving and shaking! Navicache is a complicated site with several moving parts, so a re-design is not as straight forward as it seems . Kurt has dedicated himself to creating a design document for each feature as well as mockups for each page. This documentation will be used with our design team and developers. Things are looking good, and we are comfortable in saying that 2013 will see the rebirth of this tried and true geocaching site. Again, as a newsletter subscriber, you’ll hear about new features and updates in advance of everyone else!

There is also info a geocaching book they've written and plan to release soon.

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